15 Company Communications Evaluation Survey Questions + Sample Questionnaire Template

Company communication evaluation survey questions with sample questionnaire template to evaluate company’s capabilities, key issues that involve customers, how well do they know the organization etc. as internal company communication is important to ensure a smooth sailing functioning of an organization.This sample survey can be customized according to the details required of the employees. A questionnaire example such as this can be instrumental in understanding where can your organization improve to boost internal communication which can lead to better performance.

Flawless internal communication is integral to an organization’s success. An average adult in America, who works full-time reportedly spends 47 hours, i.e. 6 days a week at her/his workplace. It is important for each of these adults who spend these 6 days communicating with peers and members of the management and thus, contributing effectively to the success of the organization. This communication can be via various mediums such as face-to-face, phone, email, online chat etc.

This survey example is usually used to analyze employee perspective about what is important to be communicated regularly, topics that should be included in the newsletter, updates on the bulletin board, the efficiency of an organization’s management in communication etc.

Analyzing answers to a questionnaire sample such as this, you can decide the frequency of your newsletter, take charge of the grapevine in the organization by assigning various responsibilities regarding break timings and general decorum, make improvements in the way the management communicates and such action plans can be prepared.

Overall, how satisfied are you with communications in your company?
Which best describes your impression of communications within your company?
How do you feel about the information you receive?
How well do you feel you know the company?
Compared with a year ago, how would you rate your knowledge of the company, its strategies, and its ongoing accomplishments?
What is the best thing about communications in the company?
For which information items do you believe it is very important that you receive communications about?
What other topics do you feel are important for you to know more about and would like the company to include in future communications?
How much of a typical company newsletter do you read?
What is your overall evaluation of the newsletter?
From which of the following sources do you now receive most of your information about what is going on in the company? Rank your top three information sources only.
The grapevine
Bulletin board
My supervisor
Company leadership
Group meetings at our work location
Local company publications
Company intranet
Company e-mail
Voice-mail announcements
How would you rate your manager's communication skills?
Do you have any suggestions for the company to help improve performance and efficiency?

Why Conduct a Company Communications Evaluation Survey?

A collaborative effort to attain a goal will always be effective as it involves impeccable communication between employees. Knowing the employees’ perspective of communication can prove to be instrumental in understanding your organization’s strengths and weaknesses and make well-informed decisions to improve the weaknesses and keep working on the strengths.

Here are 5 reasons for conducting a company communications evaluation survey template:

  • - Knowledge sharing: To which extent does the organization share critical information with the employees? Gain insights directly from employees to know where could you have shared more information to build trust or where could you have not shared the extent of information that you actually did. Based on the answers and analysis of those answers, you can ensure that right information is being shared to the desired extent.
  • - Accuracy of information: Every employee should be a part of the information chain of the company and the accuracy of this information can build or break an employee’s trust. Send out a questionnaire to learn whether the employee trusts the information he/she receives. If a majority of them opine that the information is inaccurate and most often is not true, you and your team must take corrective measures.
  • - Frequency of communication: Frequent communication is important for an organization to take vital decisions in time and avoid damage. By including a survey question which revolves around the frequency of communication, you can understand whether a manager communicated in-time with his/her team or whether two team members working on the same project were able to communicate properly and well in time to complete the project.
  • - Timeline of communication: There is a timeline pertaining to all communication conducted between peers or within the management or between the management and employee. Is a timeline being followed by your organization? If not, how often do you miss the communication timeline and how does it affect the overall communication of the company? - Gain feedback on such factors using this survey example.
  • - Preferred modes of communication: Understand what employees have to say about information carriers such as bulletin board, direct and indirect supervisors, meetings etc. and which modes do they prefer to get reliable information. You can filter the most preferred modes of communication to be proactive on those selected modes to improve communication.

Best Uses of Company Communications Evaluation Survey

  • - Employee feedback about company strategies, their understanding of the company’s financial aspects, human resource processes etc. can be understood using a company communications evaluation survey.
  • - What does an employee think about his/her manager? Does the manager score well among all his/her team members? If not, what can he improve?
  • - Analyze those aspects of your organization that need tremendous improvements and strategize a plan of action to rectify them in the near future.

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